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This worked so well with my “Guys With Glasses" series of designs and getting more traffic to my Zazzle Store, but here are my “Hipster Animal” designs. You can find these designs printed on all sorts of products such as t-shirt, iPhone/smartphone cases, stickers, post cards, keychains, etc.

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The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

  1. 1996 Benetton
  2. 1996 UK
  3. 1999 campaign via the UK by the Commission for Racial Equality
  4. 2001 For the National Congress Of American Indians
  5. 2002 Via the UK for the National Assembly Against Racism
  6. 2002 Via the UK
  7. 2002 National Union of Students
  8. 2003 Red Cross of Finland
  9. 2004 campaign via the UK
  10. 2007 A More Perfect Union via the USA


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really cool people following you back

realizing you’re probably not cool enough to talk to them even though you’re mutuals now

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Day 1, How do you find out about Ace Attorney?

I originally found it from this YouTube video called “Bullshit Evolved. It was hilarious, but I was curious as to how the gameplay even went. After poking around I found it. Though I never actually got to play until I found it on the iPod :3